Family Violence Prevention 
To develop 
Don’t Hurt Me to reflect the psychological battles of domestic violence, Jo partnered with:
  • Violence Free Families, a national charitable foundation dedicated to the prevention of family violence through research, professional training, public education and the support of remedial work with perpetrators and victims. See
  • LifeWorks, a values based, not-for-profit organization specializing in human relations and interpersonal communication. They work to prevent violence of any kind and have been delivering family violence prevention strategies and men’s behavior change programs for over 20 years. See Lifeworks website
Nigerian Children's Education
Ishahayi Beach School Foundation (IBSF) is a not-for-profit organization which raises funds to foster education in the remote Ishahayi-Ikaare area. Since 2005, IBSF have built a main school building, 12 classrooms, a toilet block and a well. They have assisted a number of other schools in the region.
Jo was 
the first chairperson of IBSF. The foundation published Nigerian Gems, Expatriate Tales of Adventure, a compilation of stories written by expatriates in Lagos, as a fundraiser.