Don't Hurt Me

Keith and Penny's relationship is troubled by Keith’s drinking and violence. As their story unfolds, it becomes clear that they are mirroring the doomed marriage of Keith’s parents, which is reflected through dance. Keith’s work situation is also plagued with tension. As his personal life deteriorates, so too does his job.

Despite their troubles, Penny remains with Keith until, pushed over the edge by losing his job, Keith finally goes too far. Penny, unaware of the problems at work, takes their daughter, Sophie, and leaves. Penny and Keith independently venture on a voyage of self-discovery and we are left to question:  is their marriage redeemable?
The Cycle of Violence Shown Through Dance 

The cycle of violence is shown through dance as follows:
  1. Calm in the storm: the couple are happy - waltz. 
  2. Tension building: arguing begins - Argentine tango. 
  3. Acting out: violence occurs - contemporary dance. 
  4. Honeymoon: they reconcile - rumba.
These trailers promoted the Lagos production of Don't Hurt Me at Terra Kulture in April, 2014.

Don't Hurt Me Lagos Promo

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