The Cup of Life

Jack was born into a family of gangsters, who kicked him out of home because he wasn’t bad enough. Forced to fend for himself, he grew stronger and tougher and developed a new identity as Wolf Eyes.

Angelina grew up with devoted, crime-fighting parents. One day, her parents were lost in the woods, and Angelina was rescued by Charlie, a Kung-Fu master who raised Angelina as his own. She trained to become a crime-fighter like her parents and became The Masked Angel.

Both Wolf Eyes and The Masked Angel are on a quest to find the Cup of Life, a magical cup that makes its owner invincible. The cup is owned by Countess Barkala, a reclusive woman who lives in a castle in the mythical land of Barkalino. She appears only once a year at the festival of the Cup of Life.

Wolf Eyes and Angel go to the festival to steal the cup leading to an inevitable confrontation.