Jo has collaborated with a number of talented artists, including:

Gail Collins, freelance writer 

As Jewel Writer Duo, 
Gail and Jo co-edited the books Nigerian Gems and Papua New Guinea Pearls. Gail is a regular contributor to magazines in Houston, Arizona and Indonesia.

Whitney Van Nuis, artist
Whitney and Jo created the Sam and Sue Adventure Series. Whitney  is an accomplished artist who loves to paint animals.

Martin Balmaceda, choreographer, dance instructor 
Martin developed choreographies for many of Jo’s projects. They danced together in the promotional video for Don’t Hurt Me.
Buddy Agedah, Director Dance & Art Alive 
Buddy and Jo co-directed and produced Copacabana and Eye of the Tiger. They danced together at many corporate and private functions, including the finale for Small World 2008. Buddy produced Second Chances, A Dangerous Game and Christmas at My House. He is a salsa guru promoting salsa and other ballroom and Latin American dance styles in Nigeria.

Gbenga Yusuf, Director STAR

An inspiring director, performer and choreographer, Gbenga directed Don't Hurt MeBatonga, Take Heart and The Perfect Dance in Lagos, Nigeria for STAR performing arts company. He choreographed parts of Copacabana, Eye of the Tiger, Second Chances and A Dangerous Game.